Training // Education


LubDub offers rigorous physical workshops to individual artists, educational institutions, and performance ensembles. Workshop themes include ensemble & choral work, impulse, rhythm, improvisation, coordination & physical conditioning, balance, and atmosphere creation. At the center of our work, we strive to create community and give individuals the strength and tools to shape and share story. 

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LubDub hosts intimate master classes led by distinguished guest artists. In the summer of 2016, we hosted a Somatic Movement Master Class taught by international guest artist Fabiano Culora.


On the last Monday of each month, LubDub invites individual artists to attend devising sessions with the core company. The idea is simple: convene folks from across disciplines for creative exchange. The sessions will, we hope, be a space to cross-pollinate—to share practice, get to know one another, and to laugh. All are welcome.

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