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The Doubtful Guest was first staged as a "modern-day seance" in 2015 in a living room in Hell's Kitchen for an intimate audience of friends. It debuted with a sold-out run in Fall 2017 in collaboration with Guild Greene Gallery in Brooklyn. Most recently, the production was expanded during a residency at The Orchard Project in the Summer of 2017. With your help, a new production will arrive in New York City, early 2018.

About //

An intimate audience is invited into a shifting world of immersive theatre in which sleight-of-hand magic, movement, and ritual move the guests closer to the performers, to one another, and to the other side. The performance begins with cocktails and ends with haunting revelations (and more cocktails). The Doubtful Guest draws inspiration from sources including the tradition of American spiritualism, the performers' personal histories, and the question What does it mean to be a host? Click on video for a closer look at at what we’re building.

We forged a totally new path for the show during our residency at The Orchard Project this summer, and we are incredibly excited about the new life of this play.

LubDub is a hybrid physical theatre company animating stories of science, magic, and myth. LubDub is a lean, independent theater company that relies on outside funding and partnerships to make new work possible. This company aims both to launch The Doubtful Guest in January 2018 as a showcase for presenters and producers, in hopes of bringing the show to theaters across the country. In addition, we will bring an extended run to the New York community in 2018. We are deeply grateful to our family of supporters who make the magic happen and invite you to join their ranks.

 LubDub is a registered nonprofit charitable organization. Bring The Doubtful Guest to life with a tax-deductible donation today.

Scroll down to find FAQs and a breakdown of the budget. 

Project Budget

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Your donation will go toward:

  • Artist Fees help provide a Living Wage for the creative brains and bodies involved in this project.

  • Space Rental of rehearsal rooms and performance venue.

  • Physical Production of props, costumes, and a few key set pieces.

  • Administrative Fees to make the behind-the-scenes magic of organization and outreach happen.

  • Travel in November to MA for a week in-residency at the Franklin School for the Performing Arts, where we’ll finalize key components of the show.

FAQ //

  • When will The Doubtful Guest open?

    • A one-week showcase production arrives in New York City in January 2018. We hope that this showcase will lead to a toured production to theaters across the US. In addition, we plan to mount an extended New York run of the show. 

  • How do I get tickets?

    • Hop on our list and be the first to know. 

  • What is Fractured Atlas?

    • Fractured Atlas is LubDub Theatre's fiscal sponsor; FA enables us to offer tax-deductible receipts. As the country's largest arts fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas provides thousands of artists and arts organizations with education and support for raising funds.

  • What is immersive theatre?

    • Immersive theatre is a genre of performance. “Immersive” has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people; for us, immersive means audience members are not merely passive bystanders. They are an active part of the story. In an immersive LubDub production, the traditional “fourth wall” of theatre is dissolved and audience-performer interaction -as well as audience-audience interaction- is made possible.

Don't see the answer to your question? Ask us! or feel free to give us a call any time at (+001) 646.598.1366.



The Orchard Project; The Franklin School for the Performing Arts; Fractured Atlas; Lucy Obus; Kate Taylor; Tom and Joan Cassidy; and Anna-Lisa and George Kanick.