Lub Labs //

What's a Lub Lab? 

Lub Labs are day-long labs designed to offer dramaturgical and devising support through LubDub Theatre Company to an individual artist. We see these Labs as opportunities to grow new work and to nurture professional collaborative relationships between LubDub Theatre Co and artists outside of the company. We understand these Labs as a vital part of our work to build and serve community and to maintain our values of inclusivity, experimentation, and innovation. 


About the Project: In September, LubDub hosted a day-long lab in support of Devika Ranjan's devised adaptation of Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale. Directed and adapted by Devika, in collaboration with the London Young Sinfonia, this experimental production will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the armistice of WWI and will consider the ways in which warfare has digitized. It will premiere in London at the Omnibus Theatre in late 2018. During this lab, LubDub supported Devika's exploration of how a few key objects, such as miniature green soldiers, might be utilized in space for maximum visual storytelling impact.  

About the Guest Artist: Devika Ranjan is a first-generation Indian-American. Born in Nashik, Maharashtra and raised all over the United States, Devika holds a degree in Foreign Service, with concentrations in Culture and Politics and Arabic, from Georgetown University. During her undergraduate years, she has conducted research on the India-Pakistan and Israel-Palestine borders to understand the nuances of human rights in these zones of exception. After translating in a medical clinic for refugees in Germany and conducting theatre workshops for women displaced by border violence in Jammu and Kashmir, Devika’s interest in expression and displacement has led her to an interdisciplinary focus on theatre and international migration. Devika studies Sociology at the University of Cambridge as a Marshall Scholar, focusing on questions of refugee rights, surveillance, and bodily technology.