Schedule: Friday, August 5 - Sunday, August 7th 11am - 6pm (with 1 hr lunch)

Location: Spaceworks @ Williamsburg Library, 240 Division Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 [Map]

Fee: $195.00  

We are running this workshop at cost. It is important to both Fabiano and to LUBDUB. that the workshop be as accessible as possible. Please reach out to us if you'd like to discuss a payment plan. 


Fabiano Culora has been working with performers since 2001 through interdisciplinary practice, exploring bodymind awareness and preparation for creation and performance. Applying principles from Authentic Movement, BMC, Body&Earth and Somatic Psychology to performative improvisational practice, a work has arisen which enables performers to develop adaptable qualities of emerging presence from a supported embodied relational consciousness. He has held faculty positions in UK conservatoires (E15, GSA, Laban, NSCD) and works with performers in professional contexts. He has taught throughout the UK, Europe, as well as USA, Russia and Iceland. Fabiano also has a private practice working as a Somatic Movement Therapist and Embodied Creative Witness (registered with ISMETA).



What resources can we cultivate in ourselves to enable a grounded and authentic emotional exchange? What qualities of ‘presence’ emerge in the process of attending to ourselves and other/s?

The Practice is within a Somatic Movement paradigm - meaning students will cultivate skills to observe the body as it is experienced from within, rather than the body as it is looked at from the outside. In this way, the body and mind are not separated but are experienced as a whole. The work is integrative to develop the consciousness of the ‘mover’ and the ‘witness’ and their relationship within environmental context.

This 3 day workshop will involve solo, partner, triad and ensemble explorations in embodied presence and creative process to include:

• Meditative/Contemplative Practice

• Movement Study based on Body Mind Centring(R), developmental and evolutionary anatomy, applications of Authentic Movement and improvisational scores.

• Touch Bodywork informed by an integrative somatic patterning practice facilitating 'bodymind' awareness and presence.

• Relational Practice held within the framework of somatic psychology. The communication between moving, writing/drawing and speaking (embodied language) will be encouraged. Skills in self-reflection will be developed and conscious feedback to others refined.

A space will be held and time given to deeply sensing our body and the environment. An opportunity to check in with ourselves, connect, restore energy and find flow – releasing our bodies into movement. We will open our attention to how we engage in movement and what qualities of embodiment arise from noticing ‘inner life’ support. Imagery and embodied perception will help to deepen holistic alignment of the body structurally and energetically allowing ease, freedom and dynamic whole body responsiveness. A practice of adaptive presence will help bridge embodied consciousness into relationship with other/s, reawakening creative flow and imagination.

The application to performance will be seen through embodied processural composition. We will practice naming sensation, feeling and emerging movement forms as well as relational dynamics that could inform character, scenario, direction/choreography.

A ‘beginners mind’ to practice will be encouraged. We therefore welcome those new to Somatic work as well as experienced practitioners. You are welcome to a class where you can ease and unwind yourself, gathering movement resources for everyday life and your arts practice.


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