WorkShop Announcement


Workshops are designed for actors, movers & dancers. All levels are welcome. Participants are guided through a series of activities designed to develop keen awareness of the body in space.

Workshops emphasize rhythm, contact improvisation, impulse work, physical conditioning, stamina & endurance building, mime & mask, coordination, sensitivity and awareness, environment & atmosphere, chorus & ensemble work.


Sunday, September 15th 

10AM - 12PM

New York Live Arts

The Jerome Robbins Dance Studio

219 W. 19th Street [19th street between 7th & 8th Aves]

New York, NY

Opening workshop fee: $15 

All fees directly support LubDub. Theatre Company and will help us to cover start-up costs including space rental, graphic design, and web design. Your engagement is the fuel for our fire and we are very grateful!

Email  lubdubtheatre@gmail.com to reserve your spot


Poet's Corner

"Peak"   by Geoff Kanick

A carving of scattered dust,

Collected around a single peak.

More are found in that thick cloud.

Hidden for now,

Sure to show their face

In due time. A puff of smoke

Like those seen in a magic show.

Or perhaps like when you find an old book,

And blow air across the cover

To read the title.

A foggy memory sparked, and grows

Like leaves and pages of a forest.

Roots grow deep

So the peak can climb

And rise above those

Dusty shelves...