LubDub. is a not-for-profit physical theatre company dedicated to producing new works that feature a unique blend of circus, magic, dance, live music, and text.

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LubDub is a hybrid physical theatre company animating stories of science, magic, and myth.

LubDub productions spring from unexpected intersections. Devised in conversation with NASA’s Golden Record, John Masefield’s “Lollingdon Downs,” and Gabriel García Marquez’s “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World,” The Voyager Project (2015-2016) orbits questions of arrival and belonging through dance, puppetry, and original music. In 2015, LubDub launched its inaugural Postal Playa sold-out search for a missing classicist performed entirely via the U.S. Postal Service.

Currently, LubDub is generating work in response to the Anthropocene and climate crisis through an ongoing two-year residency with the Orchard Project’s NYC Greenhouse. LubDub is also expanding its production The Doubtful Guest (premiered January 2018 at Public Arts, NYC) an intimate evening of music, magic, and spirits. Pairing cocktails with ghost stories, movement, and sleight of hand, The Doubtful Guest draws inspiration from sources including the tradition of American spiritualism, the performers' personal histories, and the question What does it mean to be a host?

Grown out of relationships formed among Queen of the Night original cast members and alumni of Georgetown University, LubDub has since developed to include an expanding ensemble of multidisciplinary artists.

LubDub is a registered not-for-profit based in New York City.